My 100th Post!

by thedirtythirty


Its Thanksgiving on Thursday! (If you are from out of the country, we celebrate this tradition of giving thanks for everything(?) that started when the Pilgrims at Plymouth and the Indians “came together” and feasted together. At least that is the fairytale they led us to believe when we were kids.)

Anyways, its just a holiday where we give thanks for the many blessings in life and are appreciative of what we have and enjoy time with family. Then we have the next day entitled Black Friday, where everyone buys a bunch of crap they don’t need for cheap, forgetting everything we came together for the night prior!

I will be attending my family get-together, which I don’t do often due to work. I will be going back home and seeing the extended family. I’m pretty shy even with the extended family so I basically find a couch to sit on until the food comes, eat, and then leave. I occasionally get asked questions from extended family about how my life is going and finally it is on the up and up.

Hopefully, I will be seeing a lot of friends while I’m down and hopefully meeting a few boys! šŸ˜‰ I will be staying the night at my ex’s house for two of these nights so you know I’ll be getting a bit of action, or at least all night cuddles! Those are our faves.