by thedirtythirty


Talking to my ex recently has sparked up a friendship again. For a long time after we broke up, he wasn’t able to talk to me (even though he cheated on me) because he said he still had really strong feelings for me. When we met up about a month ago, he was just starting to come to terms with us just being friends and being okay with it.

Now, it has slowly morphed into a friends with benefits situation. We text constantly about wanting to hook up with each other but knowing that there is nothing more than just that. I like the fact that when I’m back home, I have easy access to sex whenever and how frequently as I want. I’m not too sure what his motives are for moving into the friends with benefits category since he is seeing someone but I don’t care to ask nor do I want to know.

We both acknowledge that it is what it is. We are friends but we like to have sex with each other. Nothing more on either side. In a way, it feels like maturation since normally I would be jealous that he is seeing someone but I think I’ve moved past him being the “one” in my life so I can easily separate sex and love. Whatever the case may be, I can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving and get me some turkey sausage.