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I went to Vegas for my friend’s birthday. There was a varying group of about 7-10 depending on the day. It was pretty amazing and fun, though. It was a short weekend trip but it seems like we did a lot. The first night we got in, we went to dinner at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The vibe of the restaurant was very loungy with dim lighting and good cocktails. After that, some people were still hungry so we went to White Castle, which I have never had fresh before. As a kid, they sold them prepacked and frozen where you just microwave them and eat. They taste a million times better fresh. There was such a long line that was apparently due to COVID and people not wanting to come to work. We seemed to wait so long and before we were out, they already closed out the line because they didn’t have enough staff to continue.

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My background check has finally cleared! I will be starting both jobs next week. I will have orientation at the main job on Monday and will be working three times a week there. And will be supplementing with the other job for 1-3 days a week after I finish the online training! I am so happy and ready to start after having about two weeks off in-between jobs!


I have a trip to Vegas for a friend’s birthday this weekend. I met up with a friend at a bar/restaurant for a quick drink before we go shopping. I wanted to get some outfits to wear in Vegas and he wanted to look for some shoes and some new clothes as well.

I met him at a local popular bar/restaurant and ordered a vodka tonic, my usual order. We sat at the bar and there was a lady leaving around the bar corner to my right. I just happened to glance over as she was putting away her food and she was smiling and I smiled back. She asked if she could interview us for her Youtube channel. It ended up not happening but she got some clips of us for her channel anyways so catch me on Youtube! She then got me and my friend a drink before she left. She seemed super sweet and bubbly.

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I had orientation yesterday for one job! It was just watching a presentation, a video and filling out all the appropriate paperwork for employment. They followed all COVID protocol, with limited occupancy in a spacious room, masks required, and temperature checks. There was a bit of traffic so I arrived to the building either right on time or a minute late. I enter the lobby and there was maybe about 20 people there waiting to be let in. Fortunately for me, the people hosting orientation were a few minutes later than me.

I look around and ask the nearest lady if I was in the right spot. She said she was there for orientation too. I scan the room for a sign in sheet, but didn’t see one so just find an empty spot to stand and wait. I glance at everyone in the room and spot a cutie to my right. I had actually seen him on the day I got my TB test — if I heard correctly, he was getting a physical. What I would do to be a fly on the wall in that room… >:) Anyways, I give him the up and down and see that he has a tattoo similar to me. Maybe it will be an ice breaker to start a chat with him later. I keep that in my back pocket for later.

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Wild Weekend.

My friends from LA came down for the weekend to visit their friend that was in town but leaving. They invited me to join along this weekend and it was a weekend to remember. I don’t think you can get 10 gays in one room and there not be a wild, crazy night.

I don’t think I want to even type what happened. It will only exist in our memories and on some people’s phone storage… LMFAO

Work Updates.

I’m still waiting for my background check to go through from one job. It’s Friday so I’m thinking I won’t be starting this job next week… I talked with an HR personnel and they said that they have had background checks take this long before so it isn’t per say abnormal but it isn’t normal for it to take this long either. My friend who referred me for this job, also has another friend that got hired at the same time as me and her background check has already cleared.

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I am back on Grindr. I’ve noticed lots of people are really into certain things and just want you to fulfill their kink fantasies. A lot of these offers don’t sound too appealing to me: fucking me while “I’m full”, want anon sex, public sex, feet, just jacking off.

Makes me think what kinks I have. I recently bought a puppy mask but don’t know anyone into that or that is knowledgeable that can teach me. I feel like I would like it but don’t know much about the puppy scene or the leather scene. I feel like I want to get into rope tying or getting bound. I am very much a voyeur and like to watch but don’t like to be watched. The dom/sub relationship seems intriguing to me, where I would be more sub but I could see myself be dom with certain people too. I don’t think I would be into watersports or pooping on people, unless I was getting paid. Those two don’t really turn me on at all, if anything it’s the opposite.

There is so much I want to explore but don’t know what avenues to go explore it.

What are you into? How did you get into it?

Background Check.

I was supposed to work Monday and today at my new job but my background check hasn’t come in. They said it usually doesn’t take this long so I’m kind of worried that something is going wrong.

At my other new job, the background check came through but the medical clearance hasn’t. When reading the paperwork, it was talking about an examination and a drug screen, but for this job when I went to the medical office, they only performed a TB test so now I’m worried that they didn’t give me the physical examination and drug screen for this job and that will hold me back longer….

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Sunday Shenanigans.

This was my first of many weekends off now that I have my new jobs. I actually was supposed to start today but for some reason, my background check is taking a while and they can’t start me until then.

I was still hungover from going out the night before. I was basically in bed all morning. My friend messaged me to come over to her house but I definitely needed something to eat and absorb all the alcohol. I went to grab some food with my other friend at a Mediterranean inspired restaurant. The food was really good and big portions. He told me he was working at a popular bar to go to on Sundays and said to come visit. I didn’t really know who to go with but, luckily, this guy messaged me on Grindr and he had previously invited me out to the bar but I didn’t go before. I figured it was my turn to invite, and he didn’t want to go at first but I convinced him. He said he needed about an hour or so to get ready.

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Going Out.

Two nights ago after work, I went out to the bar with friends. They were eating at this one restaurant/bar so I came there first. I got there to see it was only a two-top (two chair table) so I was confused that they had me meet there. They packed up their food and we left for the next bar. One of them decided to go home so they drove us to the next bar. I left my car next to this place because I figured if I got drunk, this nice walk would sober me up a bit before driving.

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