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More Visits.


This morning, my friends left. It was sad to see them go since we spent a good weekend together. I can see why some people get emotional for the goodbyes. I didn’t but I had a feeling of longing for them to stay more. Reality hits and work happens. The weekend is over and life begins anew.

DR and his cute friend were still here. DR also had another one of his friends come — the friend that was going to another pharmacy school in town. He came last night and played some games with us. I woke up to him sleeping on the cold tile with no blankets and a stuffed animal as a pillow. The new roommate (UR2) was still here. I went on FB and looking around and a pharmacy student at our school was giving away free furniture. I immediately called and said we would take the couch, ottoman and desks. Fortunately, UR2 had a U-Haul and we were able to pick it up easily with the truck and with everyone still there at our house for free labor! This was a definite score on my part! We put the couch in the back entertainment room, which we designated the lounging room and the front living room as more of a study area, since we put the desks there.

Everyone left in the house and I decided to go eat at a dumpling place nearby. The food was delicious but came out in rounds. My food came out last and I was almost full from trying everyone else’s food already. It was a good meal and I will definitely be going back to try other things. Its a busy place so the wait is kind of long so when I go back, it’ll be with a smaller party.

When we got back, DR’s pharmacy friend went home. UR2 had an extra mattress so he said that I could use it until my bed arrives, which was nice of him. My bed comes in two days. DR and his friend were playing the guitar for hours and jamming out to songs while I sat on the couch and listened. They were pretty good at the guitar. The singing can be worked on but it was still nice to listen to. They left around sunset and my ex was on his way to come visit for the night. Thank goodness I scored a mattress to sleep on! He came and said he would take me out for a dinner date. He Yelped something good nearby and it was a cajun/seafood restaurant. We ordered one of those dishes where they boil a lot of seafood with spices and you just dig in and grab what you want. It was a lot of food for two of us but we were able to eat it all! I’m so proud of us. After we came back to the house and without tv or internet, we talked for a bit before having sex on the mattress. We had sex twice before going to bed. He had to leave early in the morning so we tried to get as much sleep as possible. At five in the morning, he left and my visits from my hometown would be done for a while. It was nice to see him, and get some action, but it would be a lonely week without anyone familiar to hang out with soon.

Can we start school yet? I’m sure once school starts, I’ll be saying the exact opposite.

Visit Continued.

house 4

I woke up pretty early. I’m an early riser. I took a shower and hung out with my pregnant friend, who was up already. We played some card games and she taught me a new one. We played quite a bit of rounds until people started to wake up. The plan was to get some good ramen that my roommates and I discovered by accident. My friend that came first, wanted to go home because he wanted to get clothes, shower and come back. I knew this was code for him to leave and not come back. I was correct because he sent a text twenty minutes later with some excuse not to come. I had already anticipated this because he is very flaky and wish-washy. The rest of us went to the ramen place and it was just as good as the day before.

We got home and my friend that came over from snapchat left because he had a work meeting. It was me and the girls. We lounged for a bit because we knew my DR roommate was coming and also the other upstairs roommate (UR2) was moving in. We had to wait until one or the other came before leaving anywhere. DR and his friend came with his friend. His friend was actually pretty cute but, of course, straight… I have learned how foolish it is to have a crush on a straight guy. I shouldn’t waste my time. He was shorter than me, but hairy. I love hairy guys — that is probably what got me. That or his bright, blue eyes. It was like he was looking at my soul. I looked away the first few times but knew I couldn’t do that overtime so kept eye contact eventually. After they came, we were able to go to the brewery since my pregnant friend wanted to get her baby daddy something from there. It was the Monkish Brewery and it was a pretty cool place with good beers. I had two rounds before we headed back to the place for some real drinking. We stocked up on beer and headed home.

We started playing beer pong and stack cups with both my friends and DR and his friend. UR2 came in the middle of the game and looked unpleasant when we were being loud and drinking a lot, especially since it was the first impression and his sister and her boyfriend were with him. His room doesn’t have a door so our loudness would be heard in their room for sure. We stayed up pretty late as well and were playing music from DR’s speaker with occasional singing along. I can only imagine what he thinks of us but we are on our summer break and we haven’t started school yet. Only then will we calm down and focus. Let us enjoy the summer. He did come down and grabbed a beer so maybe he is chill, just cautious since his family is here with him. Either way, we had a good night.

First Visit.

house 3

I can say that when I woke up today, there was a dramatic improvement from the day before. I had a good night sleep so I was able to feel refreshed and my nausea was gone. I had plans with my downstairs roommate (DR) to go with him to his house in his hometown and we would possibly go beach camping. Both my roommate’s were still there and we decided to make extra copies of the keys so that getting locked out in the middle of the night wouldn’t happen again. We also got locks on our doors courtesy of the landlady.

When we got back, the upstairs roommate (UR1) left. I put my lock on my door and starting getting texts from my friends saying that they were going to come visit me! I told DR that I wouldn’t be making it to his hometown since they were coming and that he was more than welcome to stay and hang out. He said he needed to do get some things up there so he left mid-afternoon. I was alone in the house for the first time. It would only be for a few hours since one friend was coming in the early evening and the other was coming later in the night.

My first friend came and I gave him a tour of the house. Then we went to go get some beer for us to drink. He was kind of picky so we went to a few places just to settle on the same beer as I picked before at the first place! Ha! Outside of the last grocery store, there were food trucks in the parking lot. We checked them out and decided on the Mexican food truck since we were in a predominantly Asian area and the restaurants around reflected that. It would be harder to find good Mexican food here than Asian. We ordered some street tacos and then headed back to the house to eat them. We ate them quickly and started to play beer pong until my other friend came.

We were into the second game when she called. She was outside. I went outside to let her in and she surprised me by bringing our other friend with her! The more the merrier. She was pregnant so she wouldn’t be partaking in the festivities but it was still good to have her come. We played so many games like stack cups, beer pong and flip cup. I posted a lot of it on Snapchat, which led to another guy asking to come over. Once again, the more the merrier! We had the house to ourselves! We played more games before all going to bed in  my room on the floor around 3 in the morning!

Another eventful night in the house! We need to come up with a nickname for our house.

No Internet.

no internet.jpg

We didn’t have internet since I moved in, the first week of the month. We won’t have internet until a few more days from now. I’m writing this and updating my blog from a Starbucks nearby, with the help of my reward drink of choice – Venti Soy Caramel Frappucino with no whip cream. Before this, I handled most of the items I still needed for school with just a few remaining.

You never know how much your life revolves around the internet until you don’t have. Doing basic things that people expect from you is very hard without it. Getting things ready to start school has been such a hassle without it. Unless I’m on vacation or in a remote location on purpose, do I every want to not have internet.

First world problems.

Second Day.


As expected after a long night into the morning, I was feeling considerably tired and hungover. I woke up a few hours after falling asleep. My head hurt, my body ached from sleeping on the floor, I was dehydrated, and was tired from not sleeping much at all. I woke up and found the nearest source of water and chugged it. Then, went back to sleep which lasted until the late afternoon. Even with more sleep, I still felt like complete and utter shit.

When I woke up, my downstairs roommate was up. We made plans to go to meet up with one of his friends that go to another pharmacy program here in the city and this guy’s friends. I wasn’t feeling particularly good enough to be social and engaging people that I haven’t met yet. It wasn’t for another few hours but I just warned my roommate of me potentially not going.

When the time came, I weighed my options. Feel sick with the comfort of my own bathroom to vomit in in a strange new house with weird sounds in the dark with no internet or go meet people when I’m not feeling social and vomiting every time I’m not horizontal. I opted for the choice with no scary house with potential of being scared outweighing all.

We made it through the LA traffic to the restaurant and I actually had a good time. I ate a little bit, vomited only one time and started to feel better once I had a few to drink. My roommate’s friend’s friends were nice and good company. They just started their orientation week so it was good to hear what they were going through in an attempt to see what we could possibly be doing for our orientation week in two weeks. After eating, they were still ready to go out but my roommate and I decided to just head back and pass out so we went home.

But, guess what?? Since we only had one set of keys, we assumed the other grabbed it when we left for the restaurant. When we got home, we realized our mistake and we were locked out. It was after ten o’clock at night so we couldn’t ask the neighbor/landlady to open our door. We decided we would go to my roommate’s home an hour and a half away and stay for a few days until the other roommate came to the house. We called him to discuss when he would be back but he luckily offered to drive down and open the door for us. While waiting for him, we got beers as a thank you for driving to open the door for us tonight. He got there a little before midnight and we cracked open some beers. After my first one, I passed out but they stayed up for a while.

Two nights here in the house, two nights of drinking in the house. Do I sense a pattern?

First Night.


I left my house at noon to avoid morning and evening traffic. I heard horror stories about LA traffic so I wanted to be cautious. I loaded my entire room minus the bed and dresser and, after several rounds of sifting through everything, it all fit perfectly into my car.

I hit the usual traffic and arrived a bit before 230. The next door neighbor had the keys so I knocked on their door and they gave me the keys and a tour. The house was really big and nice. The neighbor dropped the hint that this was a million dollar home that we were moving into. We have a four bedrooms and four bathrooms in this house. It has two living rooms and a  modern kitchen and had a washer and dryer that comes with it.

I messaged my roommate that I had arrived and he was nearby so he came back to the house. He messaged the other roommate and he was about 30 minutes away. It would be the second time I met these guys, the first being the first time we looked for houses in LA. Me and the first roommate to show up went through the house and made sure everything was working. There were a few things wrong but nothing major.

The second roommate came and we settled on the room breakdowns rent-wise. Then we picked rooms since the fourth roommate didn’t care. I got the room with the spa shower. It was pretty sweet. After the room selection, I unloaded my car into my room. I just put everything in a big pile near my closet and some boxes in the corner. I figured I’d have time later to sort through things.

The roommates decided that for the first night we should have a barbecue. Second roommate brought a grill. We went around to several stores and got some supplies and beer before heading back to the house. We barbecued some brats and corn and one of Second’s friends came over for a little bit. He was going to Western and a P1 (or incoming pharmacy student), same graduating class as us. He was chill and nice. After many beers, First threw up after taking a shot of his awful rice wine that Second got at 99 Ranch. It tasted exactly like soy sauce. It was pretty gross. He didn’t make it to the bathroom and it got all over the tile in the main living room. Definitely one of the stand out moments of the night.

We definitely had a great first night in the house. Second made it to bed around 3 am and First and I went to bed around 7 am. I distinctly remember falling asleep in my room on the floor but when I woke up, I was in the upstairs bathroom sleeping in the bathtub! How did I get there?!?!

Saying Goodbye.


I’m moving to a different city today. Saying goodbye has been so sad. Everyone I know is getting emotional and tearing up or crying. It’s hard not to do the same when seeing them like that.

I think since I’m the one leaving and going on the adventure, I’m less sad and emotional. There is excitement on my part. I think if I was the one staying and they were the ones leaving me, I would be just as sad as they are. I’m going to miss everyone I know and I hope they will come see me. I will be back down to see them for holidays and things like that.

It looks like everything will fit in my car and I will be off! My next post will be from my new city!


I think I’m a hoarder.

Its so hard for me to toss anything. I have so many things where I know I should just throw it away but since it holds sentimental value of some sort, I just can’t part with it. I’ve decided to just take whatever can fit in my car. The goal is to keep it minimal.

As I look around, with one more full day before I leave, I know not all of this stuff will fit. I’m going to take tomorrow to really sift through everything and determine what is really necessary and what I can give away or toss.

This is harder than I thought it would be.

Back Home.


Its good to be back home by its back to reality. I’m moving to Los Angeles this week and I need to start parking my things. I just emptied out all cabinets and one dresser. This dresser was my random, junk dresser. I have one other dresser, which is my clothes dresser so I just need to pack that and my clothes in my closet and I’m set!

Today, I’m going with my sister and my dad to get another bed sheet set and bathroom items.

The heat here is bareable and I’m able to go out in the daylight again! Love being back but miss being on vacation and seeing my best friend!

The Final Day.

The Miami skyline

It’s the last day. We got up early and my friend wanted to go to this bagel place he liked. It was on the mainland and it took a little drive. Luckily, our plan of going out early before everyone’s out worked again. We found the place after getting a little lost but it was worth it. It had a mom and pop feel with the friendly waitress that’s probably been there for years and the decor that’s dated but you feel at home. I had the breakfast special with a bagel. It was delicious. After we headed back home since traffic was starting to pick up along with the temperature.

I got my things ready to go because I had to leave in a few hours. My part of the room was covered in sand from all the times we went to the beach. I swept it up and tossed it in the trash as I got my belongings together.