a daily post from a guy that turned thirty


September is almost finished and next month has my favorite holiday of all, Halloween! I will be dressing up this year, as always!

Some updates, still in pharmacy school. Moved in to a new house with new roommates. No boyfriend :/ Still working two jobs. On PreP.

Anyone out there still? Just wondering because I might de-activate this blog if there isn’t.




Where did January go? I blinked and it was gone! I’m almost done with my first drug module at school. I’m doing ok in classes and life. It gets really busy trying to balance going to school full-time, studying to get decent grades, having two part-time jobs, trying to have a life and meeting new guys all at once. Before I know it, it will be summer!

Anyways, some exciting things are coming up. Going to Mexico in two weeks and Hawaii in a month. Hopefully doing a summer trip out of the country. Losing a bit of weight, not that much but it is ongoing. Bye little beer belly. It was nice knowing you. You were cute and all but I think we both deserve better. Thanks for the good times 🙂


This year has been a decent year. I scored two internships and have been doing better in school. Another chapter is closed and yet another one begins starting tomorrow.

I think my only goal for the new year is to really work on myself and get to know myself. Make me a better me so that I can honestly say that I love everything about me and my life. Then maybe my prince can come in 2019!

Happy New Year to all!


With working two jobs, I don’t really have time to go down to see family for Christmas. I do have Christmas off but I don’t see the point if I have to drive home and back both in one day. I will have to miss Christmas with my family this year but this was kind of expected since they knew I just got this job.

I’ve been talking to my ex and he didn’t have plans so he’s driving up late tonight and we are spending the day tomorrow together. I wonder how that will go. Awkward or nah?

New Job, Day Three.

So for my new job, I have to learn how to do three different job positions. I trained for two days for the first position and was starting to feel a little comfortable in it.

Today, was the start of the second job position and it was completely different and very fast-paced, although I wasn’t that fast at it yet. I was moving the car while entire shift but it seemed to go by really fast. By the end of the shift, I felt like I was asking minimal questions although I definitely don’t think I would be okay by myself yet.

All in all, I’m loving the new job and all that I’m learning!


Finals and new job stresss has my skin breaking out.

I want to hide from everyone. Forever.



My semester is over. I have an A, A-, and a Pass (for one of the credit/no credit classes).

I’ve been to three parties since the last final and blacked out at two of them. The other party was a fancy party in a mansion owned by a plastic surgeon and attended by the most beautiful (yet, obviously “enhanced”) people I’ve ever seen so didn’t want to make a fool of myself there.

Survived the first day at my new job and was very overwhelmed, which is expected since there is so much new information you have to absorb.

Got my nieces Christmas presents.

Tried to fulfill my friend’s horrible idea of doing two new guys per week. I was too busy last week so only got one so to average it out I need to do three this week… The one was on Sunday, the last day of the week. He arrived a bit heavier than his pictures and a lot smaller in the dick than pictured but since it was the last day of the week and I didn’t feel like looking for another, I just went with it. It wasn’t great but he was a super nice guy. Def will be friends with him.

I’ve been so busy and will be busy but want to try and post a little something everyday. Maybe just an inspirational quote at most to keep my sanity in my hectic world.


Last Final!


Today is my last final! I think I have done pretty well on most of my finals but we will see once grades come out. I’m hoping for a slight curve to push me to an A range in all my classes except for one but if the curve is more generous than I’m expecting, I could possible get all A’s!

I’ll start posting more starting tomorrow. Also, I’ve been talking to my undergrad friend that moved back to his home, which is the city I live in now. He is currently, as he puts it, in “hoe mode” and wants me to join him and wants to sleep with average 2 NEW guys/week for the next year and he wants me to join him. IDK how into this I am because I have been more into the thought of having a connection with someone before I sleep with them lately. But we will see what happens.

Tomorrow begins my freedom until next year.

First Grade.

Report card with perfect grades

I got an A on my first final and an A in the class overall!

Four more finals to go!


I’m done with classes.
Now its time to study for finals.

Wish me luck!