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Busy, Busy.


I have a midterm today, quiz tomorrow, homework due tomorrow, pre-assignments due tomorrow, rotation in two days, and another quiz on Friday!

Yay for no social life! *eye roll* Read the rest of this entry »


This Would Happen to Me.

I went to a party with my friend and the party was at the guys house I was talking to for like a minute.

I was really drunk and freaked out and my friend had to get me an Uber home.

First Hook Up.


My first gay hook up…

I’m struggling to even remember who and when it was. If its who I think it was, I met him at a party. I had known that I was gay since I was a little kid but never did anything with a guy besides the kids playing with each other, that boys do. I was at this party and there were several gay guys there. I thought it was cool that they were so open and willing to be themselves. I strived for that but kept it inside at the same time.  Read the rest of this entry »

Night Out #2.

Four friends having fun and drinking beer and spend time togethe

The second night, I decided to go out again. I spent the day with my family for my dad’s birthday and that was a lot of fun. After I spent a few hungover hours at a cafe getting some studying done since I knew I would be out all night again.

I called my friend from the night before to come back to my house (she left to do laundry and, also, to save herself the boredom of coming with me to the cafe while I studied). She came over and I showered and got ready. We were going to the same bar that we went to the night before. We did the pre-game as before and took an Uber to the bar. It was just as busy as the other night and we got out drink to hold and went to the patio. I didn’t see anyone I knew right away but there was plenty of cute guys.  Read the rest of this entry »

First Night Out.


It was the first night in my hometown. My friend knew I was coming so she decided to stay with me at my dad’s house for the weekend. She is going through some boyfriend troubles so I felt bad for her.

We decided to go out to the gay area in town. I picked this place that I love to go to because its always so packed and the drinks aren’t expensive. We pre-gamed at my house  and I took about five shots before leaving. I was feeling pretty good in the Uber over to the bar. We arrived and the place was packed with so many guys. I tried to scan the room to see if I saw anyone I knew. No one. It has been a year since I lived here so maybe there was a new flock of gays.  Read the rest of this entry »

Home Again.

I am home! Fun times ahead. Will post later!



We don’t have class on Friday so I going to go home.

As in home, home. I haven’t been back since the summer and I have been dying to go back. I plan on driving down Friday morning and having lunch with a friend. Then, get my dad a present for his birthday (the reason why I’m going down there). I’m going to try and meet up with a few more friends and possibly go out on Friday and Saturday in the gay area, if possible. I, also, have to study a lot so there will be lots of cafe visits with my laptop and a warm latte.

I’m excited to go back and, hopefully, meet a cute boy or two when I’m down there. 🙂



I was weak.
I went on Grindr.  Read the rest of this entry »



I’ve been doing okay in most of my classes, or so I think. We haven’t gotten many scores for the midterms we have been taken, but I feel pretty confident on most of them.

Except for the midterm I took today. I could have studied better and I was confusing topics so I know I got a few wrong. I know of at least three that I got wrong and there was a few I was questioning so lets hope that I get those correct. I really want to get a good GPA for this semester, because I want to continually raise it as high as possible. I had a decent start, but it could have been better.

I need to get better at being motivated as well because I feel like I lost my motivation somewhere last week or the week before.

Haven’t Yet.


I haven’t deleted Grindr yet.
And I’m glad I didn’t.  Read the rest of this entry »